“We are your trusted partner in OEM/ODM computer industry design, production, consulting and creative resources”
We are Shenzhen Hongze Technology Co., Ltd., located in Shenzhen, China. We are mainly engaged in computer design and production.
We mainly produce all-in-one computers, desktop computers, monitors, commercial large screens, industrial control servers, notebooks, etc.
It can also be produced according to your needs. It can be used as a foundry to directly produce the products you need,
and then put your own brand logo on it.
You will definitely get the best experience and service by working with us! Come and get to know us~
Our sincere service has been highly praised by our customers!
Product design
Mold manufacturing
Injection molding processing
Professional production equipment and production lines
Producation Process
Get full traceability from raw materials to finished goods
1 / 1
Factory Environment
Dust-free workshop
2000 square meters dust-free room, 40 FFC two-end personnel Material air shower door Large pipe humidifier
Two production lines
A roller push-pull line An automatic belt line 100 staffs
Injection molding
POTENZA-II Servo System PT160/POTENZA-II Servo System PT320
Modulus machining
Thousand-level dust-free workshop
Three production lines
Cooperative Service
We are responsible for all aspects from the design stage to mass production.
Illustrator CADs and Tech Packs
Screen resolution and stability testing, legal and safety requirements
Quality Control
Quality Control
Anti-vibration and anti-drop testing
Packed in strict accordance with national standards, shipped by sea, air and land
Video introduction
If you are looking for a reliable, capable and long-term Chinese supplier partner, Shenzhen HMAY Electronics Co., Ltd is your best choice! We are willing to advance and retreat together with you and be your most loyal and reliable partner
Professional Certificates
We firmly adheres to the concept of compliance, ensuring every product is reliable and safe to use.
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